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By John Frook
Millard G. Roberts is the name, and education is his game. He started 11 years ago with a broken-down, bankrupt campus in Fairfield, Iowa which had only 212 students and only five Ph.D.s on the faculty...
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By Steve Giegerich, Education Writer for the Associated Press

They weren't the cream of America's academic crop — in fact, they were just the opposite. Now, 30 years after Parsons College went bankrupt, alumni of the school dubbed "Flunk-Out U," a haven for those who failed classes elsewhere, have gathered to remember the good times and bad grades of their undergraduate days. "It's just too bad it didn't last," said Hank Trenkle, class of '65. "It was a hoot."...
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By Vicky Tillis

Plans for observing the 130th anniversary of the founding of Parsons College and the 50th anniversary of the arrival of college president Millard G. Roberts to Fairfield are coming together, announced organizer George C. Jordan III, a 1968 alumnus from Lenox, Mass. The event is being planned for June 2-5 in Fairfield. The main event will be An Iowa Homecoming, " Iowa's welcome to a closed college," at 2 p.m. June 4 in Central Park, said Jordan.
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