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We have this newly created web site, which is member-driven. For your donation of $100 (one hundred dollars) for a five-year subscription, you get access to a password protected area of the web site.

Also, The NEWSLINE offers a balanced perspective on issues of the Parsons past and current issues of today as they relate to our alumni.

What we need now is the financial and emotional support of you, our reader.

  • 130th Anniversary of our founding—for you to come and participate individually and collectively in our home—City of Fairfield.
  • Contribute generously to the Parsons College FOUNDATION and NEWSLINE to ensure that the spirit and memory of this unique educational institution is sustained in the years ahead.

We have gone to great lengths to develop a database and have sought, through the Internet, to re-connect our community of loyal alumni. We have gone from 3,000 to over 5,000 alumni. There is more work to be done. Our mission continues.

Your financial support will allow us to continue to find alumni and build a first-class alumni dedicated to Parsons College. Help us succeed. To subscribe, please complete the form here.


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